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Enics Life is the unique web portal which transforms the way you manage your product portfolio—with Enics. It gives you 24 hour convenient, transparent and easy access to all relevant information about your products and their status—as YOU need to see it.

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How does Enics Life work?

Advanced tool for analyzing & reporting

Get online reports supporting your business needs, optimize your ongoing production and safeguard the professional management of your products’ lifecycles — on a single platform, anywhere at any time.

Always up-to-date information for efficient product management

We provide full access to your product’s structure ‒ maintained by Enics. The Enics Life portal also contains value-add services for companies not using our manufacturing services.

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Enter new markets faster and generate more value-add

Get to know Enics Life - Enics collaboration portal.

Professionally manage your obsolete components

See how alternative parts can be identified in case of obsolescence.

Manage global compliance requirements easily

See how to do it for RoHS.

And for conflict minerals.

Manage your product data throughout its lifecycle.

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Instantly available

to our existing and new customers: Enics Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) services on Enics Life

Basic package

Provides access to Enics Product Lifecycle Management Services


One place to view your BOM that can be shared with up to 5 users

An up-to-date view of your products that are produced at Enics

Make online requests and receive component information

Simple overview of product change and discontinuation notices you’ve received

Designer package

Supports R&D engineers in component selection


Maintains your component database with technical information and preference status

Component technology roadmap with recommendations about manufacturers and component types

Component obsolescence evaluation for your component selection

Access to the Enics component library

Manufacturing package

Supports product team in component maintenance


Maintained customer component database with technical information and preference status

PCN/PDN notifications based on component market tracking by Enics

Component obsolescence evaluation for your component selection

Component replacement search and evaluation based on PDN notifications

Get custom PLM services

Customize product lifecycle management services on Enics Life according to your needs. Get the parts you want most from all 3 packages! Enable additional evaluations, see more of the data behind your components, or gain access to the extended library of over 350M components. You can also customize services for different products, so that you get all the information you need for every product.


More about Enics Life:

Link to Product Lifecycle Management services factsheet

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